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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde becomes the first contestant to break this record

Shilpa Shinde, best known for her role as Angoori Bhabhi in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, is one of the strongest contenders who can win Bigg Boss 11. The TV actress is entertaining to the fullest and, viewers are loving to see her bubbly and poised avatar in the reality show.

Shilpa Shinde

Even though, Hina Khan and her fans always accuse host Salman Khan of favouring Shilpa, the actress’s popularity is rising with each passing day. Now, Shilpa Shinde has broken the record of the highest tweet count for any Bigg Boss contestant ever in all seasons till date.

“Something that has Never happened before.Never saw such massive support for any contestant in the history of BB. “Shilpa Winning Hearts”. Reached 324K+tweets in just 8 hours”, tweeted one of Bigg Boss sources.

‘Shilpa winning hearts’ is trending on Twitter like anything as several people are coming forward to support Shilpa while slamming Hina Khan and Arshi Khan. Have a look at how Shilpa is ruling hearts everywhere.

Interestingly, enemy turned Vikas Gupta was also seen praising Shilpa Shinde in one of the recent Bigg Boss 11 episodes. In a conversation with Hina, the TV producer said, “Shilpa is a very intelligent player. She is not only entertaining but also knows how to handle things in a perfect manner”.

Meanwhile, in last night’s BB 11 episode, Arshi was seen torturing Shilpa Shinde by calling her “fake” and “indecent woman”. To which, Shilpa pretends not to pay heed to but later she was seen crying and telling Bandgi Kalra as to how much Arshi has hurt her over the past few days.

On a lighter note, Shilpa danced like a true diva for Vikas Gupta during his captaincy face-off task with Priyank Sharma. Her dance moves were spot on and, audience once again fell in love with her.

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