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Off – Page SEO Techniques To Rank First In 2017

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search result

I think we all are agree with this above statement.

off page seo technique

Contemporary, there is a lot of competitions in each and every niche for a particular website to rank on the first page of SERP. Generally, when the user input any search term in Google, he gets more than thousands of results regarding that particular search query. So to beast this here are some top Off – page SEO techniques.
This shows that, how much it is tough to rank on the first page of the giant search engine – Google. And tougher is to maintain the rankings.
Here are the following off-page SEO techniques to rank first in 2016 on SERP.
  1. The very first off – page SEO Techniques is to spend time in building relationships and networking. Due to higher competition, it is must that, you should have a healthy relationship with your online customers.
  2. Acquire guest post opportunities by leveraging your network. It is a better way to generate back link for your site though doing a guest post on any famous blogging site, which is niche to your website.
  3. Vary your anchor text. Use a combination of mid-to long tail and branded anchor text in your off-site content.
  4. Communicate with customer and get feedback. The easy way to linkup with your potential customers and to increase your quality and productivity, is by getting customers reviews on Google + and other major review platforms.
  5. Make sure that your business’s NAPs (Name, Address and Phone Numbers) are consistent in all directory listings and other business listing sites.
  6. Push your social signals by becoming more socially engaged with your audiences. Try to remain always active on all the chief social media platforms like, Facedbook, Twitter, etc.
  7. The another off – page SEO Techniques stay active on authoritative blog and forum comments. Even, this is a great way to share your concepts and to get more traffic to your site.
  8. Invest heavily in the visual content creation and distribution. Presently, this is one of the major off-page techniques to get more eyeballs to your online business website.
With this above discussed off-page seo techniques, we have covered all the effective and vital techniques to rank higher in SERP and by regularly generating backlinks through following these techniques, we can maintain the rank on the first page and can always dominate our competitors.

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